Sports Illustrated renames award to Muhammad Ali Legacy Award

To honor Muhammad Ali, whose lifetime of achievement forever changed the world, SI is renaming its Legacy Award the Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award. The honor will celebrate individuals whose dedication to the ideals of sportsmanship has spanned decades and whose career in athletics has directly or indirectly impacted the world. Source: Muhammad Ali Legacy Award

Michael Strahan and others……. When  Influencers Tweet About Your Business

Tucked away in North Miami is the headquarters of one of the fasting growing gourmet meal delivery businesses in America, The Fresh Diet. When former real estate agent, Zalmi Duchman saw the industry slowing down in 2006, he spent $500 to incorporate his business and setup a basic website. Then he ran an ad in the Miami herald and started a Google adwords account. Soon after, he was shopping and cooking for his first few clients. Fresh Diet delivers fresh, nutritionally balanced, gourmet meals daily across the U.S. They have gained high profile clients and social media followers by hiring celebrities to Tweet. Source: When Celebrities Tweet About Your Business | Melinda Emerson

Celebs Are Paid $2,500 – $8,000 Per Sponsored Tweet | AdWeek

If you think their lifestyle is too decadent, look away now: celebrities can earn thousands of dollars for just typing (or, more likely, getting an assistant to type) 140 characters.NYMag has the latest scoop on Twitter celebrity gossip. And it’s pretty juicy.The Kim Kardashians, Snoop Doggs and Charlie Sheens of the world have made themselves thousands of dollars by simply typing out a tweet or two. They have all tweeted sponsored tweets, or ads, to their hundreds of thousands of followers. Source: Celebs Are Paid $2,500 – $8,000 Per Sponsored Tweet | SocialTimes

Why Brands Are Finally Choosing More Female Athletes for Big Endorsement Deals | Adweek

In the male-centric sports world, where the likes of LeBron James score $65 million in endorsement deals, female athletes have largely been an afterthought. But thanks to a constellation of superstars—including a reenergized U.S. Source: Why Brands Are Finally Choosing More Female Athletes for Big Endorsement Deals | Adweek

The 20 Most Charitable Celebs Of 2014

For the third year, DoSomething.org — the not-for-profit organization for social change — has announced their Celebs Gone Good list. The big list highlights your favorite celebs who aren’t only dominating the pop charts and blowing up the big screen, they’re using their star power for social change. Yet another reason to fall in love with your idols all over again. Source: The 20 Most Charitable Celebs Of 2014