So, What Is A ProHero Experience Like?

“Wow!  What an experience!  Being able to attend a Broncos game with my favorite old time Bronco – Mark Jackson – was so much fun!!  When we arrived at the stadium, he was scheduled for an appearance at a cook-off with a local chef.  It was fun to watch how Mark interacted with the crowd.  After the cook-off, we headed up to the Bud Light Championship Club.  It was a very cold night and being able to watch the game from inside the suite was awesome.  The food was so good, as was the dessert table!  Denver beat Cincinnati that night 20-17!  It was an exciting game all the way to the end, as well as a great experience.  ProHero is the perfect platform for being able to have an experience with your most-loved sports hero!!!  Thank you ProHero and Mark Jackson!!!” Teresa D., Lone Tree,...

At ProHero we advise “Authenticity, Openess and Caring” as the best way to develop  “Trust” with fans. 

Millennials often approach purchasing with a healthy caution relying on reviews, ratings and  understanding. However once trust is established Millenials are excellent advocates and can drive significant business via social media and word of mouth. Public figures, athletes, celebrities and influencers should seek to engage in an authentic, open manner in order to build trust and monetization with fans both on and off ProHero.com and other social media. Check out this link to see how a relatively unknown Doctor built up a following of over a million on Instagram and is now monetizing his following for good: The ‘Sexiest Doctor Alive’ has 1 million Instagram followers and wants to find love